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The Office of Student Research works with faculty to advance student research and creative activities in the classroom and beyond. Have a success story to share? Scroll down to submit a Shoutout!

2024 C/URE Fellows Initiative 

The C/URE Fellows initiative offers up to $7000 to support the creation of new course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) that target first or second-year students and students from historically underrepresented groups. Applications for Spring or Summer 2024 are due December 1, 2023; submit to Gina L Hunter at

Support for Faculty Research Mentors

Working with undergraduate researchers is often one of instructors' most highly rewarding experiences. Good mentoring relationships require shared expectations and regular communication. We encourage faculty to develop their own mentoring philosophy and to create mentorship agreements with their mentees.

What is a Mentorship Agreement?

A Mentorship Agreement is a “living document” that you may revisit with your student as you supervise their growth and development. Mentorship agreements commonly outline:

  • The project goals
  • Meeting times and communication preferences
  • Compliance requirements
  • Plans for student skill development and training
  • Evaluation plans or plans for feedback
  • Plans for the dissemination

See the following examples of Mentorship Agreements

Contact OSR for faculty or student professional development workshops:

  • Using CIMER's Entering Mentoring curriculum, faculty workshops help new and experienced research mentors improve their mentoring practice. Topics include: Aligining Mentor-Mentee Expectations; Addressing Equity and Inclusion; Articulating Your Mentoring Phiosophy and Plan, Assessing Understanding; Cultvating Ethical Behavior; Fostering Independence; Maintaining Effectinve Communication, Promoting Mentee Research Self-Efficacy; Promoting Professional Development; Fostering Wellbeing; and Enhancing Cultural Awareness.

  • Student workshops (for undergraduate or graduate researchers) are based on CIMER's Entering Research curriculum. All FIREbird Program grantees are invited to participate in the Entering Research programs offered during the semester and over the summer. 

Gina Hunter is a trained facilitator of CIMER's Entering Mentoring curriculum and Entering Research curriculum.


Student Research Success Shout Out

Submit news about a student's research success, and we can highlight it on our website and our social media.

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Need to Recruit Student Researchers?

Interested in working with students on a project? Contact OSR at to learn how we can help you recruit.