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Summer 2020 Undergraduate Research Support Winners

The Undergraduate Research Support Program provides up to $5000 to support undergraduate student(s) engaged in an intensive, faculty-mentored research experience over Summer 2020. Congratulations to this summer's awarded grantees:

  • Kelly Kennedy, Anthropology, Radiogenic Strontium Location Analysis of Elk Remains from Noble-Wieting, mentored by Dr. Abigail Stone
  • Jacqueline Epperson, Geology, Subdividing the Archean Bighorn Batholith: Geologic Map of the Woodrock 7.5-Minute Quadrangle, Wyoming, mentored by Dr. David Malone
  • Harold Diaz-Quiroz, John Miles, Justin Hayward, Physics, Quantum Electrodynamic Scattering, mentored by Dr. Neil Christensen
  • Cyrus Gudeman, Chemistry, Synthesis of Oxyquiniporphyrins, mentored by Dr. Timothy Lash
  • Elizabeth Ladas, English Education, Critical Assessment Design: Conversations in Community on Socially Just ELA Instruction, mentored by Dr. Danielle Lillge
  • Greg Anderson, Biochemistry, The Defense Strategies of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, mentored by Dr. Jan Dahl
  • Madison Steines and Liana Haas, Conservation Biology and Environmental Systems Science and Sustainability, The Function of Ultraviolet Mouth Coloration in Parent-Offspring Interactions in House Sparrows, mentored by Dr. Dugas
  • Cory Hicks, Chemistry, First Steps Towards Electrically Conductive Alkynyl Clusters, mentored by Dr. Lisa F. Szczepura
  • Anastasia Ervin, Sociology and Anthropology, Waste Not: Urban Waterscapes in Central Illinois, mentored by Dr. Kathryn Sampeck
  • Evan Strandquist, Chemistry, Investigation of Bioconjugate Chemistry, mentored by Dr. Jeremy Driskell
  • Paige Hemming, Psychology, The Influence of an Emotion-Based Art Program on the Development of Social-Emotional Understanding in Preschool Children, mentored by Dr. Julie Campbell
  • Elahson Swanson, Biochemistry, Small Molecule Iron Chelators for Parkinson's Disease Therapy, mentored by Dr. Michael Webb
  • Samantha Bruner and Ella Jarhaus, Creative Technologies, Exploring the Darien Gap: Developing an App to Discover the History and Culture of Current Uncharted Territory, mentored by Dr. Kristin Carlson
  • Ta'Juan Ingram, Biology, Anaephene Synthesis, mentored by Dr. Jonathan Mills
  • Kianna Klendworth, Audrey McNamara, Taylor Ullrich, Psychology, Analyzing the Effect of Peer and Teacher Social-emotional Score on Art Skill, mentored by Julie Campbell.
  • Kaytlin Halperin, Early Childhood Education, Dual Language Programs and Social competence: Advantageous or not?, mentored by Dr. Miranda Lin
  • Ashley Tauber, Physiology, Neuroscience, and Behavior Biology, The effect of antioxidants on nestling growth rate, mentored by Dr. Charlie Thompson
  • Amanda Regez and Maesyn Theleritis, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Parent and Child Interactions during Shared Book Reading Routines, mentored by Dr. Ciera Lorio
  • Meredith Peebles, Communication Sciences and Disorders, A Multi-Component Program in Interactive Shared Book Reading and Explicit Vocabulary Instruction for Parents of Children in Early Head Start, mentored by Dr. Ciera Lorio
  • Juan Canchola, Biology, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Anaephene Natural Products, mentored by Dr. Jonathan Mills